Emergency Passports (NMRPs)

Controller General, Department of Immigration & Emigration,Sri Lanka, [CG/DIE] has permitted the issuance of emergency passports/Non Machine Readable Passports[NMRP] to Sri Lankan Citizens under the circumstances mentioned below:

Issuance of Emergency Passport/NMRP will be considered on a case by case basis after carefully scrutinizing documents; and with the approval of CG/DIE Sri Lanka.

A.In a situation where an emergency has occurred and the need to travel to Sri Lanka has arisen, while an Application for a New Passport has already been submitted and receipt of such passport is pending :

B. In a situation where, a person has lost his/her passport and emergency travel requirement has arisen and the applicant’s visit is essential and unavoidable.

Emergency Passports are issued for a single one way journey to travel to Sri Lanka, with validity to transit through the countries as the per travel itinerary.

Required documents,

1. A letter of request, addressed to Controller General of Emigration and Immigration, Colombo Sri Lanka, explaining the circumstances of the emergency as well as the reason for the emergency travel. [Please enter valid contact details. Telephone No, email address etc in your letter]

Note: The request must be supported with documentary evidence signed by an authorized officer or organization in Sri Lanka, with contact details. Please note that, in instances where the nature of the emergency is not proven satisfactorily and the documentary evidence provided are not sufficient, the application may be rejected.

2. Duly filled Application form “K”- 35/I M 35 [please download here] [Please follow the instructions given in the application form]

3. If an application for a New Passport has already been submitted, details of that application with reference Nos.

4.  Original copy of travel Itinerary

5. Three passport size colored photographs of the applicant certified by an Hony Consul for Sri Lanka /Justice of the Peace/medical practitioner or Solicitor.

6. Original Birth Certificate with two photocopies, and if available, National Identity Card with two photocopies

7. Any other documents that can prove the applicant is a Citizen of Sri Lanka. [Ex; Citizenship Certificate issued under section 5[2] of the Citizenship Act 1948]

8. Copy of Visa states

[For those who have been on a permanent residence visa in Australia (Four or more years) or in New Zealand (Five or more years), a Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status (referred to as Certificate of Denial in New Zealand) will need to be submitted with the application. This certificate can be obtained by contacting the Australian Department of Immigration or Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.]

  1. Emergency Passport fees:
  •  within Australia A$ 70.00 + normal postage A$ 10
  • Outside Australia A$ 90.00 + normal postage A$ 30 (New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Solomon Island, Vanuatu, Samoa)
  •  NMRP only (If applicant produces the previous passport) within Australia A$ 70.00+normal postage A$ 10
  • Outside Australia A$ 90.00 + normal postage A$ 30
  •  NMRP only ( if previous passport is lost )  within Australia A$390+normal postage A$10
  • Outside Australia A$ 390+ normal postage A$ 30 (New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Solomon Island, Vanuatu, Samoa)
  •  If applicant wishes to receive by Express Post/currier, he/she has to arrange that with separately.[attach Express Post envelop or arrange currier service provider]

10. Payment methods

All  payments must be in Australian Dollars, and made payable to ‘The Sri Lanka High Commission’ by Money Order or Bank cheque.

Please note that personal cheques and cash will not be accepted.

11. Where to apply

Sri Lankans residing in Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT),Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Solomon Islands to the

Sri Lanka High Commission , 61, Hampton Circuit, Yarralumla, Canberra. ACT 2600, Australia.

Sri Lankans residing in New South Wales, Queensland to the

Sri Lanka Consulate General Office in Sydney:(Please gothrough www.slcgsyd.com)

Sri Lankans residing in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to the

Sri Lanka Consulate General Office in Melbourne :(Please go through www.slcgmel.org)

 Important Note:

  • Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances, after issuance of a receipt.
  • Translations will not be accepted as originals
  • All photocopies must be on A4 size papers.


Register with the High Commission

The Sri Lankan High Commission in Canberra would like to keep in touch with Sri Lankans and persons of Sri Lankan origin living in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands as well as Sri Lankan community organisations in those countries.

If you are a current/former Sri Lankan or an office bearer of a Sri Lankan community organisation we invite you to register with the High Commission.


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