Commencement of Work in 2017 by the Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra

The High Commission commenced work on the first working day of 2017 on 2nd January, by hoisting of the National Flag, singing the National Anthem and affirming the Oath of the Public Servants by all staff. A two minutes’ silence was observed to commemorate members of the armed forces and all others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland.

Thereafter the High Commissioner made brief remarks on the importance of serving the public with honesty, integrity and commitment at all times. The High Commissioner underlined the need for all staff to remember at all times, that they are public servants paid by the people of Sri Lanka. They must therefore contribute towards meeting the Government’s goals and policies in developing Sri Lanka as one country, under one flag, with unity and harmony, while working towards alleviate poverty in 2017.

The High Commission staff, together with the two Buddhist Associations in Canberra also offered mid day alms to the Venerable resident monks of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara in Canberra. The main purpose of the alms giving was to thank the two priests, the Ven. Moragollagama Rahula Panditha Thero and Ven. Veragoda Sujatha Panditha Thero, before their return to Sri Lanka in early 2017, for their services to the community in fostering unity and harmony and promoting reconciliation. The Ven. Theros also invoked blessings on; the High Commissioner and the staff to continue their close cooperation with the Sri Lankan community; the Government of Sri Lanka which has now been in office for 2 years to give it strength in bringing peace and development to the country; and on all people of Sri Lanka for a peaceful and prosperous year in 2017.

Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra

3rd January 2017

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