Tourism Promotion Talk on ‘Natural Capital of Sri Lanka’

A tourism promotion talk on ‘Natural Capital of Sri Lanka’ with special emphasis on birds and mammals was held at the High Commission on 21st September to a gathering of Australian wildlife enthusiasts. The event was organised by the High Commission as part its tourism promotion initiatives, together with Aarunya Vacations – a Sri Lankan tourism promotion company based in Canberra.

Ecologist and Nature Photographer Rahula Perera made a presentation with information and images portraying the natural beauty, different ecosystems and the integrated wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Rahula Perera has more than twenty years’ experience as a field biologist, trainer, nature photographer and nature based tourism product developer. Explaining the close relationship between nature and Sri Lankan culture, he also explained how animals and birds, and their movements, are reflected and incorporated in stone carvings and traditional dances of Sri Lanka, while elephants in particular are an integral part in major cultural pageants.

High Commissioner Skandakumar welcoming the participants at the commencement explained that the High Commission hopes to have more presentations of a similar nature focussing on different aspects of Sri Lankan culture and tourist attractions. The informative talk was followed by an interactive session during which Mr. Perera answered questions ranging from bird and animal behaviour as well as the Sri Lankan flora and climatic conditions which impact on wildlife.

The participants included members of photographic societies, wildlife and bird enthusiasts, students and those interested in visiting Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka High Commission


22 September 2017

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