COVID–19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund, Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka set up ‘COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund’ on 23rd March 2020, to strengthen the activities aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19 virus in the country and to support the related social welfare programmes in response to the novel corona virus outbreak in Sri Lanka. This Fund which is managed under a committee consisting of relevant line Ministry Secretaries, bankers, financial analysts and health authorities has now surpassed Rs. 242 million with direct deposits and donations received from organizations and individual donors.

The objectives of this Fund are:

  • To provide immediate funding requirement of Director General, Health Services to meet all expenditure connected with COVID-19 related healthcare facilities including drugs, testing equipment and capacity expenses.
  • To meet expenses connected to healthcare and safety of health sector employees and all logistic providers working to provide essential public delivery services.
  • To provide basic essentials to children,women,low-income,elderly, differently-abled and vulnerable people.
  • To mobilize required funding to strengthen public healthcare systems, including village and remote area dispensaries, testing and treatment centers, family healthcare system, to further consolidate Sri Lanka’s public healthcare system to reduce country risks to communicable diseases.
  • To assist indigenous medicine, sanitary product manufacturing and distribution, promote research to use resources, knowledge and skills to innovate new health and sanitation products based on local raw materials.
  • To promote research and innovation using Sri Lanka’s medical and scientific knowledge and experience to develop protective dresses and sanitation products to global market.
  • To promote healthy living with organic food consumption, valuing traditional, yet rich living styles, through media and educational programmes.
  • To coordinate fund raising with WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, ADB and Sri Lanka’s major development partner community and agencies based on best guidelines for resource allocations, harmonized national procurement system and governance practices.

In response to the interest shown by expatriate Sri Lankan community and well-wishers around the world to support the efforts made by the Government of Sri Lanka in curtailing the spread of the virus in the country and associated social welfare, Sri Lanka Missions/Posts are directed to guide the prospective donors.

High Commission of Sri Lanka in Canberra

03 April 2020

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