National Industry Exhibition – 2023, Virtual Exhibition

The Industrial Development Board share the following link of the virtual 360 industry Exhibition has been released from 26th June to 09th July 2023 among Sri Lankan Mission/post in overseas. 

Calling for Expression of Interest Establishment an International University within Colombo Port City

The Colombo Porty City Economic Commission calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI), in line with the objectives of developing and improving the area of education, with a need to proceed with identifying possible investors for developing an international university within Colombo Port City.

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Relaunch of the Australia-Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group

Australia Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group was relaunched in Canberra on 19th June 2023 at the Sri Lanka High Commission. This group which has been in existence earlier and had been dormant for the last 3-4 years was relaunched under the Chair of Member of Federal Parliament, Sri Lanka born Cassandra Fernando of the Labour Party and Vice Chair Senator James McGrath of the Liberal Party.

The important feature of the event was the attendance of Hon. Andrew Giles, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs of Australia who spoke of Australia’s multicultural population and the Australian Government policy to address the needs of the expatriate communities to help especially new comers to integrate into the Australian society.  In that context he stated that the Friendship Group could act as a catalyst to link the two countries and that as the Minister for Multicultural Affairs he is happy to support such initiatives.

The High Commissioner, Chitranganee Wagiswara while welcoming the Minister and the Members of Parliament present at the event and also those who could not attend the function due to Parliament Proceedings, stated that the High Commission is keen to work closely with the federal Members of Parliament in order to strengthen ties between Sri Lanka and Australia including with the Sri Lanka-Australia Parliamentary Friendship Group already set up in the Sri Lanka Parliament and explore areas of cooperation for the benefit of the two countries.  High Commissioner added that she is happy and proud to have two ladies with Sri Lankan connections for the first time in the Australia Federal Parliament, Cassandra Fernando and Dr. Michelle Ananda-Rajah of Sri Lankan decent.

In her address, the Chair, Cassandra Fernando referred to her close affinity to Sri Lanka and her desire to see close cooperation between her country of birth and Australia.  She spoke of the need to create a greater understanding between the two countries and to promote bilateral relations. The Vice Chair, Senator McGrath of the Liberal Party in his remarks added that his party would also support any initiatives taken by the Friendship Group.

As the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Queensland Mr. Anton Swan is completing his tenure of office having served over 30 years as Honorary Consul the occasion provided an opportunity to bid farewell to him.  The High Commissioner spoke of some of the highlights of his 50 years in Australia and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) he has received from the Australian Government and the services he has rendered to Sri Lanka for over 30 years.

In appreciation and recognition of his services to Sri Lanka in an honorary capacity Mr. Swan was presented with a plaque.  Mr. Swan too spoke on his work and stated that he was happy to have served his motherland, Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Community.

During the event, a video clip sent by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) on Sri Lanka and especially on the tourist attractions was shown to the audience.

A Ceylon Tea stall was also set up to promote ‘Ceylon Green Tea’ given the increasing demand of Australians for sustainable, nutrient rich and a healthy drink.  The Sri Lanka Tea Board sponsored ‘Ceylon Green Tea Stall, while ‘Dilmah’, a prominent Ceylon Tea exporter in the Australian market provided gift tea (flavoured green tea) to the invitees.  Ceylon tea promotion videos depicting ‘sustainable-grown’ variety of Ceylon tea for the world market were screened at the reception.  The event was held alongside a live demonstration on ‘Ceylon Green Tea Tasting Session’ by the staff of the Mission.

A Sumptuous Sri Lankan Cuisine including hoppers catered by Sri Lankan Chefs in Canberra was enjoyed by the participants.


Sri Lanka High Commission


23rd June 2023








The High Commissioner calls on the Minister of Home Affairs, Australia

The High Commissioner calls on the Minister of Home Affairs, Australia The High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Australia, Chitranganee Wagiswara paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Home Affairs of Australia Clare O’Neil on 30 May 2023 at her office in the Federal Parliament. While appreciating the opportunity to meet with the Minister, the High Commissioner thanked the people and the government of Australia for their invaluable assistance to Sri Lanka to meet urgent food and healthcare needs.

In response to the Minister’s query on the current situation in the country, the High Commissioner apprised the Minister in detail on the progress made towards recovery and the initiatives being taken to address the challenges.

It was noted that the Minister’s first visit outside Australia soon after the General Election was to Sri Lanka which demonstrates the fact that Sri Lanka is an important partner and, she commented that Australia was confident that Sri Lanka would overcome the economic and political challenges faced last year. Minister further stated that Australia values and is grateful to Sri Lanka for the work and, an excellent cooperation extended to the Australian authorities in terms of border controlling issues.

The need of convening the ‘Defence Talks’ which will provide an opportunity to discuss important areas of mutual interest in addition to the existing defence cooperation was also emphasised.

The two sides discussed the upcoming ‘Political consultations’ which is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka in mid-July this year. In connection with the recent immigration policy review by Australia, an arrangement for more employment opportunities for Sri Lanka especially semi-skilled workers (similar to ‘seasonal workers programme’ for the Pacific Islands) was discussed. In terms of Tourism, further relaxing the ‘Travel Advisory’ on Sri Lanka was also brought to the attention of Minister O’Neil.

The Deputy High Commissioner Chamari Rodrigo and the Counsellor (Defence) Capt. S. Kathriarachchi of the Sri Lanka High Commission and senior officials of the Department of Home Affairs also participated in the meeting.

Sri Lanka High Commission


31 May 2023

Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra celebrates Vesak 2023

Celebrating Vesak, the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Canberra organized a dhamma program to commemorate the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Lord Buddha under the theme “Serenity of the Mind” at the High Commission on 13 May 2023, with the participation of the staff and their families.

On the invitation of the High Commission, the Chief Incumbent of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara in Canberra Venerable Aparelle Soratha Thero conducted the buddhavandana and dhammadeshana.

High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara highlighted the importance of “Vesak“ to Buddhists all over the world and spoke on the value of serenity of the mind for our lives followed by reading the Vesak Day message of the President Ranil Wickremesinghe. The Prime Minister’s message was read by Deputy High Commissioner Chamari Rodrigo.

The High Commission was illuminated with colourful Vesak lanterns and decorated with Buddhist flags.

The High Commissioner and the staff also attended the Vesak Day celebrations organized by Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara in Canberra and Australia Sri Lanka Buddhist Association.

High Commission of Sri Lanka


16 May 2023


President’s Vesak Day Message

This thrice blessed day of  Vesak being most important in the Buddhist calendar, dawns with sacred significance. While commemorating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away, it is a revered occasion, to venerate his Teachings based on the concept of compassion, by participating in activities of piety and giving of alms, through devotion to service of humanity. Read more…..

Illumination of the Australian National Monuments to celebrate 75th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independence – Winner of the Photographic Competition, Heshan Bandara

Heshan Bandara, the winner of the photographic competition held during the illumination of iconic Australian National monuments to mark the 75th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independence & the 75th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and Sri Lanka received the prize at a ceremony held in the Sri Lanka High Commission recently. He was presented a return air ticket by the Sri Lankan Airlines, sponsor of this photographic competition.

Photographs were selected by a panel comprising a representative from the High Commission, Sri Lankan Airlines and a professional in the field of photography in Sri Lanka. The winning photograph of Heshan Bandara from Canberra fulfilled all the important elements required in a professional photograph.

While congratulating the winner, the Deputy High Commissioner Chamari Rodrigo thanked him for participating in the competition which was supported by Sri Lankan expatriates in Australia through social media. Sales Manager of Sri Lankan Airlines Sakura Wijethilaka, a group of students from ‘Australia Awards’ and officials of the High Commission attended the presentation ceremony.

This was the first time that a large number of Australia National monuments have together been illuminated with the Sri Lankan flag colours in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

High Commission of Sri Lanka


25 April 2023

The Easter Message by H.E Ranil Wickremesinghe, President of Sri Lanka

Please read in Sinhala,Tamil and English in PDF….

Easter Sunday celebrates the ability of Lord Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, to transform lives by dispelling darkness in people’s minds and bringing hope to the world.

With Easter commemorating the resurrection of Jesus, it is an occasion for us to reflect on the values of love, peace, and forgiveness as espoused by Him, which are at the core of Sri Lankan culture, and we must come together with family, friends and communities, to solemnize the blessings life has to offer. Read More »

New Sri Lankan Envoy meets with Australian Parliamentarian of Sri Lankan Origin

Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Australia Chitranganee Wagiswara called on Federal Parliamentarian, Ms. Cassandra Fernando.

The High Commissioner congratulated Ms. Cassandra Fernando, MP on being elected to the Federal Parliament last year and stated that Sri Lanka is happy and proud to have an Australian of Sri Lankan origin in the Australian Parliament.

High Commissioner Wagiswara and Ms.Cassandra Fernando discussed the present political and economic developments in Sri Lanka and exchanged views on Australia Sri Lanka relations. They agreed to explore opportunities to enhance links between the two countries.

The High Commissioner was accompanied by Ms. Chamari Rodrigo, Deputy High Commissioner.

High Commission of Sri Lanka in Canberra


04th April 2023

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