Application for a new Passport (Lost or Stolen)

Lost or stolen passport Instruction to follow:
If your passport is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to inform the concerned authorities’ immediately. Failure to do so may result in your lost or stolen passports being used for illegal activities and you may be liable for aiding and abetting an offence.


Make a complaint to your local police station in the country of residence and obtain a Police report.

Submit the duly filled complaint form together with Police report to the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic or Consular office.
Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission or Consulate shall transmit to the Immigration Department in Sri Lanka the details of the stolen or lost passports. Upon receipt of such information, we will take necessary measures to cancel the stolen, lost or missing passport.
Passport reported lost or stolen can no longer be used for travel. – The details of cancellation will be automatically shared worldwide to avoid misuse. Never use the lost or stolen passport again, even you find it later, after making a complaint. You are strongly advised to obtain a new passport immediately to avoid inconvenience.

If you find another person’s lost Sri Lankan passport, please mail it in a sturdy envelope to the address below.
Lost / Stolen Passport Desk

Department of Immigration and Emigration
Sri Subhuthipura Road,


1.Never use a Passport reported stolen or lost.
2.Passport reported stolen or lost are invalidated and can no longer be used for travel.
3.The information you provide regarding a Stolen or Lost Passport will be entered in our Stolen/Lost Passport System and automatically shared internationally through INTERPOL
4.If you recover the passport after you have reported it lost or stolen, please submit it to the address listed above. When you submit it, if requested – we will cancel it and return it to you. If not requested, it will be destroyed.
5.Once a passport is reported lost or stolen, it cannot be re-validated.
In addition to the above mentioned requirements for a new passport, the following documents must be provided if a passport has been lost or stolen.

Please download the appropriate applications and forms and comply with the following instructions, incomplete applications may result in delays:


Stolen or lost passport complaint form.

Application for a Sri Lankan Lost Passport

Form D and Statutory Declaration A


Check list:

  1. A Police report reporting the lost travel document (should be included lost passport /travel document number in the report)
  2. Statutory Declaration by the applicant stating that you are a Sri Lankan citizen
  3. Personal Declaration (letter with applicants signature) stating the circumstances in which the passport was lost
  4. Completed Application “D” in duplicate
  5. A photocopy of the personal data page of your passport (if available)
  6. Original Birth Certificate with a copy
  7. Request in writing with contact details: Tel. no., E-mail address and Fax No.(if available)

Passport fees:

A passport fee is applicable, current charges are:

within Australia A$ 400.00
outside Australia A$ 420.00 ( New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Solomon Island, Vanuatu)

If a photocopy of the personal data page of the passport is not available :

within Australia A$ 500.00
outside Australia A$ 520.00 ( New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Solomon Island, Vanuatu)


Payment Methods : 

Please make all payments payable to ‘The Sri Lanka High Commission’, payments can only be made by:

Money Order
Bank  cheque ( Personal cheques are not acceptable )
Bank draft
The application/s should be sent to:

The Sri Lanka High Commission
61, Hampton Circuit

Yarralumla, Canberra

ACT 2600

For further information, please contact  Consular Officer:
Telephone: (02) 61983756 –
Fax : (02) 61983760

Register with the High Commission

The Sri Lankan High Commission in Canberra would like to keep in touch with Sri Lankans and persons of Sri Lankan origin living in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands as well as Sri Lankan community organisations in those countries.

If you are a current/former Sri Lankan or an office bearer of a Sri Lankan community organisation we invite you to register with the High Commission.


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