Vesak celebrated at Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra

Vesak celebrations at the Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra commenced on Vesak Full Moon Poya Day with alms offered to the resident monks of the Canberra Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara at the High Commission. On Saturday 13th May Vesak Bhakthi Gee were presented by the High Commission staff.

Saturday programme included blessings invoked by the venerable monks followed by Bhakthi Gee, where all staff of the High Commission took part.

Addressing the large gathering of Sri Lankan community, Australian officials and members of the diplomatic community, High Commissioner S. Skandakumar reflected on Lord Buddha’s perception of man’s own enemy, his ego. “It’s like a film over your eyes, that blurs your vision. It’s only when you remove it, will you be able to see your way forward clearly”. It is the value of Humility that is emphasised here, and is one that is endorsed by all religious faiths, he added.

The donation of blood and plasma by the Sri Lankan community on 29th April to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties with Australia was a gesture of unconditional love, the High Commissioner said, because the donor was sharing something personally valuable with a fellow human being in need who will forever remain unidentified to him or her. These are the values of our 2600 year civilisation made ever so rich by Lord Buddha’s profound teaching. High Commissioner expressed the hope that the day will come when Sri Lanka will be referred to on the global stage as an Island of Love and Compassion. There could not be a greater tribute to Lord Buddha than that the High Commissioner concluded.

The High Commission was decorated with colourful Vesak lanterns and illuminations prepared by the staff.

Sri Lanka High Commission

16 May 2017

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